COVID-19 and Libraries

SEKLS now has information and recommendations for public libraries regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus). You can find it here.

SEKLS Partial Closing

For details about the partial closing of SEKLS click here.


For recipes to make the soups at the Summer Reading Workshop, please click on the link below.
2020 Summer Reading Soups



The Academic/School Extended Service grant is now open.   Find the guidelines and application here.


Mound Valley

Mound Valley Public Library is now the 47th library to join SEKnFind. Welcome to SEKnFind as today is their go-live date.


Hoopla Digital

Hoopla service for SEKLS public and academic participating libraries officially launched Nov. 27. Hoopla allows your patrons to borrow (stream or download) digital materials to enjoy on their computer, tablet, phone, or smart TV. Hoopla has about 650,000 titles, including movies, music, audiobooks, ebooks, comics and TV shows.

For the initial period (until funds deposited in 2018 are exhausted) SEKLS will pay the entire cost. After that, SEKLS will place funds in library accounts monthly. You will pay for charges monthly for your patrons beyond what SEKLS funds cover.


SEKnFind News

Photos from today’s SEKnFind User’s Group meeting, where we celebrated the 10th anniversary of SEKnFind, our regional shared ILS.


Mound Valley will be the 47th library to join SEKnFInd. Retrospective conversion work will begin later this month with a go-live tentatively planned for early next year.The 2018 allocation criteria is available here.

Continuing Education Implementation Project

The Continuing Education Implementation Project guidelines have been revised. The main changes are that libraries can now have up to 6 months after a workshop before deciding to do an implementation project, and continuing education other than SEKLS workshops can be used. Click on these links for the guidelines and the proposal form.

K.A.R. 54-4-1 Children’s Internet Protection

Click the following link for the public library internet access policy requirements for children’s internet protection.
Public Library Requirements