Wii Games

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SEKLS has purchased Wii games for loan to SEKLS member libraries.  These games are for programming events in your libraries.  SEKLS owns a Wii gaming system, this system is available to loan by member libraries interested in starting programming or increasing the programming they currently provide.    Games can be checked out for 2 weeks and the system is reserved for individual events.

New Super Mario Bros. (E rating)

Need for Speed-Nitro (E 10+ rating)

Shaun White Snowboarding World Stage (E rating)

Guitar hero 5 (T rating)

Beatles Rock Band (T rating)

Lego Rock Band (E 10+ rating)

Sports Resort (E rating)

Carnival Games (E rating)

Family Fun Night 2 (E rating)

Just Dance 2 (E 10+)

Wii Party (E rating)

Family Game Night 3 (E rating)

Game Party 3 (E rating)